How to use Save State in WinUAE?

First, please note that the save state feature in WinUAE may not be reliable when using hard disk emulation - see note at the bottom of this page.

  1. Load up your game as normal.
  2. When you want to "save" press F12.
  3. Select Misc from under Hosts (arrow a on the screenshot to the right).
  4. Click Save State… (arrow b).
  5. Next type in a file name (arrow c)
  6. Click Save (arrow d)

When you want to re-load/restore a save state file then:

  1. Press F12.
  2. Select Misc from under Hosts (red arrow a).
  3. Click Load State… (blue arrow e) and double-click on the file.

If using hard disk emulation, try to ensure you:

  • avoid using HDF files (use hard drive directories instead)
  • avoid using RTG (Picasso96) emulation
  • avoid emulating 'expansions' (e.g. uaescsi, bsdsocket)

If you don't understand the previous three bullet points, maybe it would be best to stick with floppy emulation for save states.

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