What emulator frontends are available?

GameBase Amiga (soon to be MAGE Amiga) by Belgarath: This is the GameBase Amiga project. GameBase Amiga is a collection of data and scripts to be used with the GameBase emulator frontend. It allows you to view information on games and run them hassle free with WinUAE. - http://gbamiga.elowar.com/

What is MAGE? MAGE is a new frontend soon to replace GameBase for GameBase Amiga which will consequently become MAGE Amiga.

Lemonade - The Ultimate Amiga Gaming Frontend: Lemonade is a Frontend program for WinUAE that allows you to browse a fully comprehensive database of Amiga games and play them at the click of a button. There are many different options that can be changed to make the program more tuned to your needs. - www.lemonamiga.com/lemonade/

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