• Amiga Emulator FAQ (by Peter Hutchison, 2009). Contents include:
    • Amiga Emulator Downloads
    • Winuae Installation F.A.Q.
    • Winuae Configuration F.A.Q.
    • Winuae Disk Images, ROMs, and File Transfer F.A.Q.
    • Workbench Installation F.A.Q.
    • Winuae Interface F.A.Q.
    • Linux E-UAE F.A.Q.
    • Macintosh E-UAE/Hi-Torro F.A.Q.
    • Amiga Explorer F.A.Q.

  • Green Amiga Alien Guides A series of guides on Amiga emulation using WinUAE. (Written by Paul the Green Amiga Alien, an EAB regular who sadly passed away in 2007).

  • UAE quick start guide Some tips about how to configure and use the UAE emulator on Linux (by Giulio Canevari, 2004).

  • The Amiga Legal Emulation guides (by Malc Jennings, 1999-2000). Contents:
    • How To Get The Kick.ROM
    • How To Setup WinUAE
    • How To Setup Fellow
    • How To UnDMS A DMS
    • How To Create A DMS Archive
    • How To Create A Blank ADF
    • How To Create A Virtual Hard Disk
    • How To Make A Bootable ADF
    • How To Unpack An LHA
    • How To Create An LHA
    • How To Troubleshoot Startups
    • How To Transfer Files
    • How To Make An ADF
    • How To Unpack An ADF
    • How To Boot From CD in WinUAE
    • How To Install Workbench On A HDF
    • How To Replace A Real Amiga Keyboard
    • How To Replace A Real Amiga Floppy Drive
    • How To Write An AmigaGuideā„¢
    • How To Connect Your Amiga To The Web
    • How To Transfer Files Using A Serial Cable
    • How To Setup & Use WinFellow
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