This page provides a basic introduction to WHDLoad for ordinary users. For more technical information about WHDLoad, see the Advanced WHDLoad FAQ.

What is WHDLoad?

WHDLoad (www.whdload.de) is a tool which allows you to install and run your Amiga games from your hard disk.

How do I install games to my hard disk using WHDLoad?

The easiest way is to simply download pre-installed WHDLoad games from here.

Alternatively if you wish you can install your games yourself using a WHDLoad installer - see the Advanced WHDLoad FAQ for more information.

Who is involved with WHDLoad?

Bert Jahn is the author of WHDLoad itself and also writes some installers. Dedicated patchers such as Bored Seal only write installers.

What are the main advantages of WHDLoad?

  1. Games load quickly from hard disk.
  2. All games have a quit option to return to Workbench.
  3. The games are fixed to work on modern machines.
  4. No more bothering with ADFs or floppies and no disk swapping.
  5. You are running the original game, not a pirate version.
  6. The games are patched to pass any copy protection.
  7. High scores or save games can be sent to the hard disk.
  8. Bugs or annoying features are fixed.
  9. Over 1800 games are currently supported with installs.
  10. Game compatibility with emulators is often improved.

How much is WHDLoad?

There is a one-time payment of 20 Euros, £15 or $20 to register WHDLoad. This goes to Bert Jahn to help run the website and continue development of WHDLoad. The patchers write slaves for free (and usually as a hobby or interest). If not registered, a nag message will be displayed before the game starts. There is an online registration form.

Why should I pay for WHDLoad? Other emulation projects are free.

WHDLoad is a shareware program, designed to run on real Amigas. It isn't about emulators.

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