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Amiga Docs Disk Preservation Project

INTRODUCTION: During the past, Docs Disks have been made by different Amiga groups. Most of them contain manuals for commercial games, programs or even books. Unfortunately, most docs disks are on floppy disks with assembly menus that don't work on high end Amiga with big processors or graphic cards and often the text files are crunched.

I have spent some of my available free time to make: LSD, LOON, SPRINT, SCIENCE 451, MA-GA and GAME'S PLAYER available in amigauide format and put them on AMINET. The first goal was to keep the exact content of the original disks and the second one was to make an index for all the files.

Hipoonios decided to make a site with all my work available for download. Now, all my work can be found on:


LSD Documents Series

The LSD Document series (to date) incorporates approximately 3,988 documents spread over 82 disks. Each disk packed full of high-quality compressed documents & figure references for a multitude of Amiga software. The collection is sectioned into 18 Disks of Classics (released via the Sprint Label) and 64 others contained under the "LSD Document-disk" label.

Can be downloaded from: AMI Sector One

Also thanks to fisken uno for his Ultimate LSD & Sprint Docs Collection. You can download the whole 30MB 7z archive from:

View: LSD Docs Index (by Duke)

View: The Complete Index (disks from 1-82!) (text file)

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