Where can I download games from?

If you know the name of the game you want to download, you'll probably be able to find it using the links below.

If you want to find a game but can't remember its name, use this EAB forum and someone will probably be able to help you!

Freeware games

Several forward-thinking Amiga games companies have released their old games as freeware. The following sites all contain 100% legal, freely available games:

  • Back to the Roots A huge collection from loads of different companies
  • Dream 17 Team 17 have released all their old Amiga games as freeware here
  • Gremlin Graphics World Most (but not all) Gremlin games can be found here
  • Cinemaware Cinemaware games free to download
  • Factor 5 Factor 5 games including Katakis, R-Type and BC Kid (plus Turrican trilogy as 'backups')

'Abandonware' games

However other Amiga companies, despite making no effort to make money on their Amiga products (which are now 15 - 25 years old), do not allow distribution of their old copyrighted games. Many users class these as 'abandonware' - companies have abandoned their games so they see no problem in distributing them. However the term 'abandonware' has no legal existence - downloading games which have not been made freely available by the copyright owners is technically illegal.

Here are a few tips to find the Amiga games and software you are looking for on the net.

  1. Try one of the big games archive websites:
  2. Use Google if that doesn't work:
  3. If you still can't find it after all the above, the English Amiga Board are here to help!
    • put a request onto EAB's req.Old Rare Games forum
    • or use our IRC channel - Connect to irc.abime.net - Join #abime.net - Ask people for help
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