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 +====== WHDLoad ======
 +This page provides a basic introduction to WHDLoad for ordinary users. For more technical information about WHDLoad, see the [[advanced|Advanced WHDLoad FAQ]].
 +===== What is WHDLoad? =====
 +WHDLoad (www.whdload.de) is a tool which allows you to install and run your Amiga games from your hard disk.
 +===== How do I install games to my hard disk using WHDLoad? =====
 +The easiest way is to simply download pre-installed WHDLoad games from [[games|here]].
 +Alternatively if you wish you can install your games yourself using a WHDLoad installer - see the [[advanced|Advanced WHDLoad FAQ]] for more information.
 +===== Who is involved with WHDLoad? =====
 +Bert Jahn is the author of WHDLoad itself and also writes some installers. Dedicated patchers such as Bored Seal only write installers.
 +===== What are the main advantages of WHDLoad? =====
 +   -  Games load quickly from hard disk.
 +   -  All games have a quit option to return to Workbench.
 +   -  The games are fixed to work on modern machines.
 +   -  No more bothering with ADFs or floppies and no disk swapping.
 +   -  You are running the original game, not a pirate version.
 +   -  The games are patched to pass any copy protection.
 +   -  High scores or save games can be sent to the hard disk.
 +   -  Bugs or annoying features are fixed.
 +   -  Over 1800 games are currently supported with installs.
 +   -  Game compatibility with emulators is often improved.
 +===== How much is WHDLoad? =====
 +There is a one-time payment of 20 Euros, £15 or $20 to register WHDLoad. This goes to Bert Jahn to help run the website and continue development of WHDLoad. The patchers write slaves for free (and usually as a hobby or interest). If not registered, a nag message will be displayed before the game starts. There is an online registration form.
 +===== Why should I pay for WHDLoad? Other emulation projects are free. =====
 +WHDLoad is a shareware program, designed to run on real Amigas. It isn't about emulators.
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