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 +====== Online HTML versions of Amiga Development Documents ======
 +The following archive contains online HTML versions (converted from Amiga Guide files) of the following publications:
 +    * Amiga Mail Volume II (Articles, as of May/June 1993)
 +    * Amiga® RKM Devices Manual
 +    * Amiga® Hardware Reference Manual
 +    * Includes and Autodocs 2.0
 +    * Includes and Autodocs 3.5
 +    * Amiga® RKM Libraries Manual
 +**Permanent link: http://pub.eLowar.com/AmigaDev/**
 +Bookmarking sub-pages is safe, links on the pub.eLowar.com sub-domain should never change. The directory listings should be Amiga-friendly as well. If there are any problems, let me know.
 +Thanks to BippyM for the original files.
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